Am I No Longer Talking About Mental Health Or Mental Illness?

The answer is obviously no. I haven’t ended my three year journey with my previous blog on depression because I no longer acknowledge the very real and painful existence of it nor am I ashamed of it in any sense. I am only changing my approach to the subjects of mental health and illness in what I write. Amongst it, it will not be the sole focus of this blog. More an approach to mental health posts, really. So no, I haven’t suddenly gotten all purely optimistically approached in all I will write. It will still be very real and very raw but in the end promote a positive approach of more growth and learning.

Mental illness is not something you just “grow” out of. But nonetheless, your thoughts are very, very powerful in your recovery. So let’s not focus on the darkness and merely plant seeds of pain. Let’s start adamantly fighting for health. Earlier this week as I saw a patient in clinic I had to ask about other illnesses and medications. She said amongst them were depression and she further talked about it. Something that clearly resonated with me was when she said that instead of the pain of depression she would without doubt rather choose physical pain. I understood because, I too, have felt that. But I have gotten to a point where I am stronger than the pain. Happier in a different sense and have overcome much. That, I want you to know is possible.

I will always stand strongly in mental health advocacy. I am, afterall very much aiming for becoming a Psychiatrist and am completely devoted to it! But I realised I am also much, much more as a person than a mental illness. Now is the time to explore those many, many things I have to say! But overall, I want to say, I am not against talking about mental health and illness and helping others in which ever way I can. So don’t think this blog will have thrown such concepts away. ❤


4 thoughts on “Am I No Longer Talking About Mental Health Or Mental Illness?

  1. I never thought you would be less of and advocate and sharer of healing, and bringing the rest of you out as well can only amplify and expand when you do write on mental health matters. It resonates with something I was taught about the practice of therapy or psychiatry, that whichever side of the desk, practitioner or patient, we may find our selves on, we bring our whole being into the room, not just our learned skills or our illness.


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