Some Days (Personal Poem)

Some days she just breaks hard

Some days the thought of you, the past the haunted memories makes her fall apart

Some days life scares her shitless

And everything she’s ever been just feels pointless

Some days her heart bleeds colours that she doesn’t even understand

And she wishes for anybody to just be a holding hand

All the choices that ever caused her pain

She kicks herself for as it seems so in vain

She wishes that she never had a heart

That she wasn’t the type of person to play this overcaring, overloving part

But she cannot change who she was destined to be

So please if you do, let her down softly

Help me through this pain inside

Because I really don’t, I really don’t ever want to die

An abyss has stars hidden in the night

She seeks them out so fervently in her heart-filled fight

She’s a ship sailing on a shimmering sea

But she’s also without a lighthouse so on instinct she must be

She wishes she had more of a fight

And that for you she could be enough and a guiding light

For herself, most of all she deserves more than this

She deserves life’s kiss and heaven’s bliss

Please don’t let her bleed blood so red and bright

Give her your help and help her to fight

Some days she’s weak but she still runs with the wolves

A tornado of with a heartbeat and a voice that will fight for the world


5 thoughts on “Some Days (Personal Poem)

    1. Aww that is so very sweet of you and so touching to read such comments. ❤ I think that’s a big part of why I write. So many people feel this way and connecting with them, knowing you are not alone and it’s okay to have these feelings – that is the best.

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