Let Her…

Let her wear that red lipstick.

Let her wear those heels.

Let her wear her hair like she wants to.

Let her put mascara and eyeliner on.

Let her paint her nails whichever colour she likes.

Let her laugh, be crazy and silly from time to time.

Let her hug you from behind and hold her hands around your waist.

Don’t tell her you don’t mind and it’s her body but secretly wished she looked differently and acted differently.

Don’t say things and not mean them later.

You liked her for her heart, soul and mind, didn’t you?

And if not, walk away from the start and don’t break her heart.

You’re the man, so act like one.

One who respects women and doesn’t dominate them.

You’re certainly not perfect and she doesn’t mind.

So love her craziness. Embrace her laughter and who she is without wanting to change her. 

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

You don’t get to decide what a woman should be.

You don’t own that kind of power.


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