Tell Me… (Personal Poem)

Tell me…

Was this the life you wanted? Or did you make too many mistakes

Leading to a twisting path and feelings of dreadful hate

Was this the life you wanted to live and would you be brave enough to change?

Could you find the courage to jump the ship when you’ve boarded the wrong one sailing to a destiny that wasn’t yours to take

I understand if you can’t or won’t, because I couldn’t do it either

Sometimes you’ve just sailed too far and it’s not something you get to cry over

So on this ship I charge ahead with the salt and winds blowing in my face

Because if I threw myself overboard I would drown without a trace

Is this then the end of my heart-filled dreams and desires I cannot control

Because all I wanted and all I needed wasn’t on this ship I boarded

But you don’t get to climb a mountain and then suddenly walk back down

It’s a journey that you consciously chose and you need to earn its crown

Even if you hate the days and the cold winds seep into your bones

You’ve got to make this journey your own and in it find something that belongs to your heart alone

Finding even a speck of love or beauty that you desire…

It just has to now become enough and with a goal that leaves you inspired

I know it’s hard and you feel sea sick but just hold on to the sides

Because perhaps one day you’ll arrive at shore and be thankful you embraced the tides

Could you ever be this wonderful being if it wasn’t for the pain

For pain will pass even if storms come and you’ll learn to dance in the rain


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